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Basswood Timber Venetians

Our 50mm and 63mm Basswood Timber Venetian blind is the latest exciting offer for those who just cant afford the expensive shutters that are so popular these days. Our 50mm and 63mm Basswood timber venetian blind is available in our best selling colours of White and Alabaster with more likely to come in the future.

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Greenwood Venetians

A new twist on the classic Wood Venetian, This is the ideal product for the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms where moisture may be of a concern. Our Greenwood is an economical alternative to Cedar and Basswood Venetians. Greenwood Venetians are also a great alternative to timber venetians in all other rooms of your house. The PVC blades are easy to clean are super durable and look fantastic.

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Aluminium Venetians

50mm and 63mm Aluminium Venetians now come in a "wood effect" look. With the "wood look" you get the natural beauty of wood with the added beneift of the small stack height, durable and easy to clean benefits of the 50mm and 63mm Aluminium Venetians. Available in some stunning colours, they really set off the room with a natural warm glow. Also, as the slats are thinner than the timber venetians, it will let in more natural sunlight when you really want it!

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Ready Made Timber Venetians

Available in 4 popular natural and painted colours, we have so many sizes available, we are sure you will find something that suits your windows. Our standard drops of 150mm and 50mm and 63mm0mm and 2100mm drops are great for many applications and the 150mm and 50mm and 63mm drop is 130mm longer than our competitors and we are still cheaper! Our blinds only use A grade quality Basswood that is then UV coated to give a strong and durable finish.

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The Finest Selection of Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Blinds are some of the most elegant and appealing window blinds. They add sophistication to your home, and a timeless feel that allows you to easily slip into calmness and relaxation.

Blinds on the Net is an extension of our long-established company that is bassd in Sydney. We offer the most affordable high quality blinds and curtains online, perfect for any home or establishment. Our sought after Timber Blinds include:

basswood Timber Venetians

Offering an interesting design of 50mm and 63mm of basswood timber blinds, an exciting alternative to those expensive shutters. The most popular colors available are white and alabaster.

Greenwood Venetians

A perfect twist to the classic Wood Venetian; ideal for rooms where moisture might be an issue. A great alternative to Cedar and basswood that is easily manageable and highly durable.

Aluminum Venetians

50mm and 50mm and 63mm Aluminum Venetians with a wood-effect that adds a natural style to any room. It comes in a range of colors which can set off a warm glow to your place.

Ready Made Timber Venetians

Blinds on the Net offers a collection of ready made basswood Timber Venetians created with high quality and affordability. Available in 4 different colors: White, Cream, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg; we have a variety of sizes that can fit your windows perfectly.

The materials we use for our blinds are easy to use and easy to clean. Its natural beauty style allows it to fit on any mood or setting of your room.

Latest Timber Blinds News

The Comfort and Elegance of Venetian Blinds

August 2nd 2010

Often, we get to the point where sunshine just feels like heat seeping into our skin and we all just want to relax inside the cool comforts of our home. When curtains aren’t enough, blinds complete the setting. The elegant style of Timber Venetian blinds is the preferred solution for having a comfortable day at home – regardless of what setting inspired your room. The natural look of timber provides a touch of sophistication and comfort, which is what we all want for in our homes